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Gabriella Turrisi

The Graphic Truth: How a decade of war has crushed Syria

Syria's decade-long civil war has wreaked havoc on an entire generation of Syrians, and given rise to one of the worst refugee crises in decades. What was once a stable nation — albeit under dictatorial rule — with a sizable middle class has become a hellish reality: the economy is in shambles and state infrastructure has been pummeled, making access to basic services all but impossible. Across the country, families are struggling to pay for food staples, kids are out of school, and working-age people can't find jobs — the only Syrians who still prosper are those who left. We compare a few indicators from before and after the devastating conflict.

A woman sits with children on a rubble from damaged buildings in Kobani, Syria.

REUTERS/Ali Hashisho

Syria before and after

This week, we mark the 10-year anniversary of the beginning of Syria's catastrophic civil war.

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Rebels, rivals, and proxies in the Central African Republic

A bitter war is raging again inside a country that is simultaneously one of the world's richest and poorest — and outside players are part of it.

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