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The Graphic Truth: Bracing for Brexit

The UK has benefited from EU trade pacts with more than 70 countries. But if Britain can't reach agreement with the EU on a new trade deal before it formally leaves the EU on January 1, it could lose its preferential access to those markets. In preparation for such a scenario, the UK has signed dozens of new trade agreements, allowing countries to boost trade with the UK even after its departure from the European Union is finalized. It has also tried to prepare ground for a trade deal with the US, a process that's become more difficult with the election of Joe Biden. Here's a look at which countries and blocs have signed deals with the UK and the total value of each trade relationship.

Asean leaders to sign China-backed RCEP trade deal amid US election uncertainty

November 11, 2020 3:52 PM

The deal will be signed amidst doubts about the US's engagement in the region.

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