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When Russia is your neighbor | Estonian PM Kaja Kallas' frontline POV | GZERO World

When Russia is your neighbor:  Estonian PM Kaja Kallas' frontline POV

Estonian Prime Minister, Kaja Kallas, knows firsthand the dangers that come with being a frontline state on the Russian border. In 2007, her country was hit by Russian cyber attacks that crippled banks, media outlets, and government institutions for weeks. But being on the receiving end of this new kind of modern warfare has also made the country more resilient. In the years since Estonia has invested a lot in cyber security and can better monitor bad actors seeking to divide their society with digital warfare.

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VP Eva Kaili from Greece at the European Parliament in Brussels.

EP/­Handout via REUTERS

What We're Watching: EU-Qatar bribery probe, US-Africa talk shop

Did Qatar bribe MEPs?

On Sunday, a Belgian judge charged four people with multiple crimes related to suspected bribery at the EU's legislature by a suspected Gulf nation. (It's Qatar, although, of course, the Qataris deny it.) Among the accused is Greek MEP and European Parliament VP Eva Kaili, who's been arrested and kicked out of the center-left parliamentary group as well as her own Pasok party in Greece. In what is being buzzed about as one of the chamber's biggest-ever corruption scandals, prosecutors suspect that the Gulf state tried to influence European Parliament decisions by giving money and gifts to MEPs. The bombshell probe comes just as Qatar is in the global spotlight over the FIFA World Cup, which many suspect the emirate paid bribes to host. Notably, just last month Kaili defended Qatar's human rights record, giving it credit for abolishing the kafala system that treats migrant workers as modern-day slaves. While the investigation is ongoing, the legislature has already suspended an upcoming vote on visa-free travel to the EU by Qatari nationals, and Greece announced Monday that it's freezing Kaili's assets.

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What's up with European Elections: Europe in 60 Seconds

What's up with European Elections: Europe in 60 Seconds

What are going to be the dominant issues in the European Parliament elections towards the end of May?

Well, difficult to say because it's going to be really 27 or 28 [countries]. We don't know about the UK. Different elections with somewhat different national agendas, but economy in some countries. But then a lot of immigration and concern about security are also going to be the agenda in some of them.

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