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Larry Summers explains the banking crisis | GZERO World

Larry Summers explains the banking crisis

On GZERO World, Ian Bremmer and former US Treasury Secretary Larry Summers discuss a range of topics, including the global banking system, the impact of AI on the labor market, and a controversial solution for rebuilding Ukraine.

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Podcast: Larry Summers breaks down the banking crisis

Listen: On the GZERO World podcast, Ian Bremmer and former US Treasury Secretary Larry Summers discuss the recent bank failures that are disrupting global markets and worrying investors worldwide. They discuss whether the current situation constitutes a banking crisis and explore the role of inflation in contributing to the problems. As an inflation expert, Summers provides valuable insights and predictions on the duration of the financial turmoil.


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A view shows graves of killed Ukrainian defenders, amid Russia's attack on Ukraine, at a cemetery in Kharkiv, Ukraine January 31, 2023.

REUTERS/Vitalii Hnidyi

Hard Numbers … after a year of war in Ukraine

300,000: Human losses on both sides of the conflict are mounting (and disputed), but there have been a whopping 300,000 military and civilian deaths on both sides, according to high-end estimates.

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Ian Bremmer: The West is united on Russian energy, the rest of the world is not | GZERO Media

Ian Bremmer: The West is united on Russian energy, the rest of the world is not

With talk at this year’s Munich Security Conference from most of the world’s most powerful countries about decoupling from Russian energy, it can be easy to forget that most of the world’s population has other priorities.

“What we're seeing is that a majority of the world's economic strength and certainly military strength really wants to put Russia back in a box, but a majority of the world's population does not. And that is because of what's happened with the pandemic. It's what happened with climate change”, said Eurasia Group President Ian Bremmer during a Global Stage livestream conversation hosted by GZERO in partnership with Microsoft.

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Why Russia's War is Going "Very Badly" For Putin | GZERO World

Why Russia's war is going "very badly" for Putin

Is there any end in sight for the Russia/Ukraine war? Not according to German diplomat and Munich Security Conference head Christoph Heusgen, who spoke to Ian Bremmer on GZERO World.

"I believe this will go on for some time. Putin is not ready to give in and Zelensky will continue to fight."

With both sides dug in, the only certainty is that more people will die as winter descends on the region. And while Western Europe's resolve for Kyiv's cause remains strong, there may be some cracks beginning to show.

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Will Rishi Sunak Prove The UK Can Govern Itself? | Europe In :60 | GZERO Media

Can Rishi Sunak restore UK economic and political stability?

Carl Bildt, former prime minister of Sweden, shares his perspective on European politics.

What are the key tasks for the new UK Prime Minister Rishi Sunak?

Well, basically restore some credibility in the ability of the UK to govern itself in a reasonable way after the tumultuous months that we have seen. That applies to management of the economy. That applies to, sort of, cohesion in the Conservative Party. And that applies also, to restoring some sort of sense in the approach to cooperation with the rest of Europe. So quite a tall order.

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At UN, Ukraine War Launches “New Debate” on Russia | Global Stage | GZERO Media

Why is Russia on the UN Security Council?

“The UN is back,” said Melissa Fleming, the UN’s Under-Secretary-General for Global Communications. In an interview with GZERO Media on the sidelines of the 77th General Assembly, Fleming reflected on the return to in-person diplomacy after years of disruption caused by pandemic.

“There is this real feeling that the UN is the only place for global cooperation,” she said. “We cannot solve the world's intractable problems of climate change, of war, of refugees without multilateralism, and multilateralism is the UN. It is nations working together to solve problems.”

In the interview, Fleming also acknowledged that the collision of recent global crises had created uncertainty about the power of multilateralism. But she said recent diplomatic efforts lead by the UN, including the Black Sea grain initiative to help mitigate a growing food insecurity crisis, have brought renewed energy.

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Gillian Tett: Ukraine Know How To Get What It Wants From the West | Global Stage | GZERO Media

Gillian Tett: Ukraine knows how to get what it wants from the West

The World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland, is not known for big outbursts of human emotion. But this year, the Ukrainian delegation got a standing ovation from the usual crowd of global business leaders. Gillian Tett, US editor-at-large and chair of the Financial Times board, met with the Ukrainians and shares her perspective with Ian Bremmer in a Global Stage interview. Beyond all the emotion, Tett also believes that when the fighting is over, there will eventually be business opportunities for many people present. She also commented on chatter about using sanctions against Russia to confiscate assets and use them to compensate Ukraine, which she sees as a slippery slope because there are many doubts about due process.
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