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FILE PHOTO: Satellite image shows wildfires in British Columbia and Alberta, Canada, September 24, 2023.

European Union/Copernicus Sentinel-2 via Pierre Markuse/Handout via REUTERS

Alberta sounds alarm on 2024 wildfire season

It’s already begun … The Alberta government on Tuesday declared an early start to the 2024 wildfire season as firefighters there prepare for a hot, dry year ahead. Across Canada, authorities are bracing for a difficult year of fires after a record-setting year in 2023, which sent smoke plumes to population centers across the continent.

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Wildfires spread after lightning strikes in British Columbia, Canada, on July 01, 2021.

ABACA via Reuters

Are parts of Canada and the US uninsurable?

One of Eurasia Group’s Top Risks is El Nino, the climate warming event that is triggering storms, floods, and fires and helping make this the warmest year on record. This will come as no surprise to most of you, who are either prepping for a weather event right now or having flashbacks to choking on smoke from the Canadian wildfires. The politics of climate change get repetitive and, frankly, can be boring— “yeah, yeah, we need to do something about global warming, but dude, have you seen the cost of housing these days …” Fair point. which is why the connection between the real cost of weather events and housing is so critical to keep in mind.

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